How to Get Help with Crashing Issues

If you encounter crashes when playing Last Epoch, there is some information we need to help you. This article is designed to help you know what we'll need, so that our response will be helping you to resolve the issue rather than a request for more information.

A Description

While some crashes appear to occur randomly, others are more predictable. You may know of steps which consistently reproduce the issue, or it may happen immediately upon launching the game. While the files we ask for will sometimes contain helpful information, having an idea of what to look for when reading them can help us to better understand the issue.

Last Epoch Files

If the game client crashes, there should be one or more files which contain information about the crash. Please be sure to include the following when contacting us;


  • Any files stored in C:/Users/YOURNAME/AppData/Local/Temp/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/Crashes
  • Your system information can help us to reproduce the issue internally



Where to Get Help

Once you've collected all the information we need, it's time to reach out to us so we can take a look at it! For the best possible assistance we would recommend posting on our forum, however you can Contact Us directly if you would prefer.

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