Keeping Your Account Secure

Below is some advice for keeping your Last Epoch account secure.


A strong password is the foundation for solid account security.

  • Do use a combination of upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Don't re-use a password you use for another product or service.
  • Do consider using a password manager such as LastPass to generate a hard-to-guess password for each of your online accounts.


Your account is only as secure as the computer you log in on.

  • Keep your Operating System up-to-date.
  • If you use Windows, have an anti-virus program installed. Performing regular scans helps to ensure your computer is clean.
  • Avoid logging in to Last Epoch or associated websites from publicly accessible computers such as those in airports or internet cafes.


Sharing your passion for gaming with others is great - but sharing your account with them is not. Even if you trust your friend, sharing your account with them means it being vulnerable to any phishing attacks or keyloggers they may fall victim to.

We recommend;

  • Telling any friends who ask if they can borrow your account to try our free demo.
  • Never telling anyone your password - even if the person asking claims to work for Eleventh Hour Games. This may be a phishing attempt.

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