Protecting Yourself From Phishing Attempts

Sometimes scammers will claim to be one of your friends or an Eleventh Hour Games employee in order to gain your trust. This support article details ways you can confirm whether a message or web page is legitimate.


All official Last Epoch web pages will be on the domain. Some may appear on subdomains, such as or

If your web browser shows you an error message when you browse a site, it may be a phishing site. If you e-mail a link to the page you were on to [email protected] we can tell you whether the website is owned by Eleventh Hour Games.


An e-mail which makes urgent claims is almost always a scam. The goal is to scare people into responding quickly so that they don't notice signs the e-mail is suspicious.

E-mails sent by Eleventh Hour Games will always be from an e-mail address. E-mails from,, or other domains are not genuine. If you're not certain whether an e-mail you have received was sent by us, use the Contact Us link below to get in touch with a member of our team.

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