Checking Your Last Epoch Order Status

After placing an order through our website, you can review it on your Order History page.

Your Steam purchase history can be found here.

Order Label Description
An order has been initiated, no payment has been received.
Paid Payment has been received and we are processing your order.
Payment has been received; all digital items have been granted. (See below.)
Fulfill Failed
Please Contact Us to discuss your purchase.
An order was initiated but no payment was received. The order has been cancelled.
Refunding We have initiated a refund for this purchase and are awaiting acknowledgement of it.
The refund we have initiated has been confirmed and we no longer possess the money.


My order shows as Fulfilled, but I haven't received my physical items?

This is normal. Physical items, such as t-shirts, are sent out in waves of shipments. If you would like to reach out to us regarding one of the physical items included in your supporter pack, please Contact Us. Please be sure to include your order number in your message. This information can be found on your Order History page.

I placed an order and the order is On Hold. What's going on?

Payments can be delayed for several reasons.

Common causes include the payment processor conducting a payment review, which typically lasts for between 24 and 48 hours, or PayPal converting your payment into an eCheck. An eCheck will typically take more than a week to be processed.

I requested a refund and was granted one, why don't I have my money back yet?

After we have initiated a refund it will take some time to be processed.

For orders placed through PayPal, refunds are typically completed anywhere between several minutes and several hours after first being initiated. They can, however, take several days.

For orders placed by credit card, refunds may take multiple days to be processed by your bank or other financial institution and for the funds to be returned to your account. If you reach out to your financial institution they may be able to advise you how long it typically takes for refunds to be completed. As the processing time varies between different financial insitutions, we are unable to offer an estimate of how long this will take.

I tried to place an order but it failed - what went wrong?

This status means either that your bank refused to release the funds to us when they were requested, or that automated systems viewed the payment as being high risk and chose to reject it. If an order you place with one payment method fails, we would recommend trying an alternative payment method. Alternatively, you can reach out to your financial institution - after verifying your identity, they can help make your next order succeed.

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