Playing Last Epoch on a Mac

We understand that those of you who bought Last Epoch on your Mac may be looking for guidance on how to proceed. Don’t worry - we’re here to help.

Boot Camp on Mac

Apple’s Boot Camp utility allows you to install Windows on your Mac. You can then download the Windows version of Last Epoch through Steam or through our website.

How to check if I have an Intel-based Mac

How to install Windows using Boot Camp

To install Last Epoch again, see our Installing The Standalone Client support article, or download Last Epoch through your Steam Library.

The Boot Camp utility is exclusively available on Intel-based Macs. If your Mac is ARM-based, or "uses Apple Silicon", you will be unable to install Windows on your Mac.

Play Last Epoch on Other Platforms

At Eleventh Hour Games, our philosophy has always been that you buy a game - not just the client for a specific Operating System. If you buy Last Epoch on a Mac, you have full access to the Windows and Linux versions. You may also install the game on as many computers as you would like (however, each account can only be used by a single person).

Patch 0.7.10 is the final content patch being released on macOS. You can access future updates by using one of the methods above. The current Mac client will remain available for the foreseeable future.

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